Our History

Establishing the Company

Spyros and Lee Gavris founded Foodmark in 1981 to provide brand management and sales administration services to small to mid-sized packaged food companies. They intended to offer those resources that were critical to establishing a successful retail presence, but were often unaffordable for companies with limited resources. The primary services included market and category analysis, product positioning, brand development, promotional planning, advertising coordination, and sales channel management. In subsequent years, foodservice manufacturers have also become clients of the firm.

Brand Building and Supplier Development

From its inception, Foodmark has applied its resources to helping manufacturers determine “where they fit in the industry.” The principals are committed to a process of category analysis and the equally important analysis of a manufacturer’s strengths and weaknesses. The end goal is to determine the line or lines of products that are demanded by consumers and that have a long-term defensible position in the market.

Foodmark’s process often yields recommendations that include brand and private label initiatives. Expenditures in additional processing equipment and packaging systems may also be required.

Managing the Sales Process

To offer manufacturers the ability to implement retail strategy recommendations, Foodmark established coast-to-coast sales coverage in 1994. The company positioned regional managers in strategic marketing areas to reach both large national accounts and brokers in every single metropolitan market. Today, 110 brokers represent product lines of Foodmark clients.

Category Experience

Since 1981, Foodmark has interacted in the following category segments:

  • liquid egg products
  • pizzas
  • cookies
  • candy & confectionary
  • meat products
  • puddings
  • soups
  • drink powders
  • pet food
  • ice cream
  • ice cream novelties
  • breakfest entrees
  • produce
  • dinner entrees
  • snack items
  • soy & vegetable based meat analog products